6 Fun Multi-Court Games for Families

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It is easy to get caught up in the monotony of our daily lives and forget to slow down and relax with our family and friends. Remembering to take breaks from school and work can do wonders for our personal stress levels and the addition of a multi-court to your home can provide mental stimulation for you and your family. Being active together can help build lasting connections and contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Supreme Sports Chicago specializes in all types of multi-courts, and our professionals can help you find the right type of court to suit your family.

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Outdoor Fun in a World of Technology


The 21st century has become an era for technology. Cell phones, TVs, laptops, iPads and more have made our world one that revolves around screens. These days, most people spend more time than ever indoors attached to a technological device. This pattern needs balance. At Supreme Sports of Chicago, our goal is to encourage outdoor activity that is both convenient and entertaining! That is why we offer backyard athletic installations such as ice rinks. The ease of access encourages families to step away from their televisions and other screens in order to enjoy the fresh air and get active right in their own backyard. We want to provide outdoor fun in a world of technology. Continue reading

Stay Fit This Holiday Season with Our Backyard Ice Rinks

shutterstock_118870453 While fall and winter are perfect for snowy adventures and family celebrations, they also tend to bring in the extra sweets and treats. The holiday season is traditionally known as the dreadful time of year that packs on the pounds. From pumpkin flavored desserts to warm, buttery entrees, it can be difficult to maintain a healthy and fit waistline during this time of year. That is why one of our main goals at Supreme Sports of Chicago is to provide homeowners with the means to stay fit and entertained right in their own backyard through the means of an ice rink! Continue reading