Tennis Court Construction

Supreme Sports of Chicago specializes in tennis court installations for the backyard or commercial space. We serve Chicago, IL and all nearby cities.

Tennis CourtsPlaying on Supreme Sports's Chicago Tennis Courts is always convenient and safe due to our all-weather surface. Players of all ages and levels will enjoy this orthopedically sound design that promotes stress reduction and injury prevention. By incorporating key advancements in technology, we are committed to ensuring the health and safety of players everywhere. Our comfortable surface protects ankles, legs, joints, and lower backs from serious injury.

The International Tennis Federation (ITF) rated our surfaces as a medium/fast speed playing surface, confirming Supreme Sports as an ideal choice for backyard and tennis courts. Our ¾ inch (75mm) thick shock absorbing co-polymer surface is the original modular surface design from Europe and is medically recommended by orthopedic surgeons, an ingredient synonymous with lateral and vertical stress reduction. DIN tested in Stuttgart, Germany, our high end surface was proven to provide better ball rebound, exceptional game performance, significant reductions in player fatigue, and injury prevention. Supreme Sports Tennis Courts include:

Outdoor Tennis Courts
  • All weather court - a surface designed with complete expansion and contraction to fit every climate condition
  • Shock absorption - ¾" thick shock absorbing co-polymer surface
  • Fast installation - installs quickly over existing or new surface (1 day or less per court)
  • Reduced Maintenance (Save up to $5000/ court maintenance per year.)
  • Improved game performance¬† - rated as a medium/fast playing surface with a better ball bounce and no skid on lines - the choice of tennis instructors
  • Self draining - fast drying, no standing water, enabling play just minutes after rain (all weather, self draining surface)
  • Reduced heat - lower surface temperatures (much cooler than asphalt and concrete courts)
  • Life-time pro-rated warranty.

Supreme Sports Tennis Courts deliver the ultimate game performance with unparalleled traction and a 25-30 year life expectancy that make it the best deal on the market today.

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