6 Fun Multi-Court Games for Families

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It is easy to get caught up in the monotony of our daily lives and forget to slow down and relax with our family and friends. Remembering to take breaks from school and work can do wonders for our personal stress levels and the addition of a multi-court to your home can provide mental stimulation for you and your family. Being active together can help build lasting connections and contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Supreme Sports Chicago specializes in all types of multi-courts, and our professionals can help you find the right type of court to suit your family.

Our courts are versatile and can serve many different functions. If there is a basketball lover in your home as well as a volleyball enthusiast, have no worries; one court will accommodate both. There are all types of activities you and your family can enjoy on your custom multi-court. We have compiled a list of our family favorites to get the excitement started.

Two Fun Games to Play on Basketball Courts

  • H-O-R-S-E is a great way to practice your trick shots. Player one will start the game off by inventing their own challenge shot. If they make the basket, the next person has to copy that same shot. If the first player misses, the second person gets to make up their own unique shot. Every time a person misses a copycat shot, they get a new letter from the word H-O-R-S-E. Whoever ends up possessing all letters loses.
  • Try your hand at Bump Out! Have your family form a single file line and then determine where the shots will be taken, typically at the free-throw line. The first player will attempt a shot, then the next one will follow after. Have them continue to take shots back and forth until one person makes a basket. If the second player makes a basket first, the first person is out. If the first player makes it before the second player, the first one returns to the back of the line. Then the third shooter will start to make shots. If that person makes the basket before the second, the second shooter is out until you run out of players

Bounce with Two Unique Games for Tennis Courts

  • The Bucket Game is a great game for learning how to control the ball. Place five buckets in different locations on the opposing sides of the tennis court net. Each player will stand on their base line. The first player will try hitting a designated number of balls over the net. If this player fails to make a ball over the net, it gets counted in the opposite player’s bucket. The balls that pass over the net but do not make it into a bucket will be the ones the player plays with until either opponent makes all their balls in the buckets.
  • Rally Ball is designed to simulate the way points are scored in an actual tennis match. It’s a great family game because it is better when played with multiple people. Divide yourselves into two teams. One player will serve the ball, and the other on the opposite team will try and hit the ball back. If that player fails to hit the ball back, the other team gets the point. If that player hits the ball back and it lands on the doubles court, that player’s team will receive the point. Repeat these steps until one team reaches 25 points.

Skate to a Different Kind of Ice Rink Game

  • Four Corners is a popular game for elementary school students and is fun for all ages. Begin by numbering each corner of your backyard ice rink. Turn on some music and have the participants skate around. Stop the music at random moments and have everyone choose a corner. Once everyone has found a corner, call out one of the assigned corner numbers. Everyone who is in that corner will be out of the game. Repeat until the last man is standing.
  • Freeze Skate is another great game for the family. Turn on a little music and have everyone start dancing. When the music turns off, everyone must freeze in their current dance positions. The last person to freeze or the first to lose their balance is out.

There are many great ways to bond with your family and friends through backyard game court activities. Throw a get-together, and let the fun begin! Interested in installing a multi-court in your yard? Supreme Sports Chicago provides professional consultation and custom installation to design the court of your dreams.  Get in the game and contact us today to schedule your evaluation.