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5 Ways to Customize Your Rooftop Basketball Court in Chicago, IL

5 Ways to Customize Your Rooftop Basketball Court in Chicago, IL

Gray and blue rooftop basketball court in Chicago

Basketball is a favorite pastime for many across the world. In congested cities like Chicago, driveway and yard space does not always permit for a half or full court. Supreme Sports of Chicago is here to propose an innovative alternative: if you can’t build on the ground level, why not on the roof?

Commercial facilities like sporting goods stores, gyms, multi-living facilities, and even hotels and resorts have expanded their amenities upwards. Today, you can find putting greens, basketball courts, and even dog parks on rooftops throughout metro cities.

This is also a great solution for homeowners in row housing. Condos and brownstones have limited yard space. We can offer rooftop basketball court opportunities to increase play space for the entire family.

For the best playing experience, we recommend the following safety measures for all roof courts. These all contribute to helping reduce injuries and out of bound balls. Here are some safety options to request when building your rooftop basketball court: Continue reading

4 Reasons to Install Custom Gym Flooring

4 Reasons to Install Custom Gym Flooring in Chicago, IL

gym-flooringAll over Chicago, residents are taking a proactive approach to getting fit by installing their own in-home gyms. Before they start bringing in barbells and sports equipment, however, they first need to install durable and reliable gym flooring. Gym floors provide the basis of all great Chicago home gyms, from Arlington Heights to Bolingbrook. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits custom in-home gym flooring.

Gym Floors are Comfortable and Safe

Working out in an unsuitable environment can lead to injury. We design our gym floors to prevent slipping and provide support for all kinds of athletic movements, allowing fitness fans to perform their workouts safely. By replacing existing hardwood or concrete floors with gym flooring, Chicago residents can reduce stress on their bodies while they work out at home.

Durability of Gym Flooring

Gym floors are designed with durability in mind. Whereas some types of flooring materials may not cope well with the sweat generated by hard exercise, Continue reading

6 Fun Multi-Court Games for Families

Chicago Multi court, Chicago Sports

It is easy to get caught up in the monotony of our daily lives and forget to slow down and relax with our family and friends. Remembering to take breaks from school and work can do wonders for our personal stress levels and the addition of a multi-court to your home can provide mental stimulation for you and your family. Being active together can help build lasting connections and contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Supreme Sports Chicago specializes in all types of multi-courts, and our professionals can help you find the right type of court to suit your family.

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Get a Custom Court this Holiday Season!

Custom Game Surfaces Make the Ultimate Holiday Gift!

The holiday season is upon us, and Supreme Sports of Chicago is home to a product line that features a number of great holiday gift options that will be used and appreciated for years to come. With affordable pricing and timely and professional installation available, there is still plenty of time to design and install a game court that is certain to qualify as one of the coolest holiday gifts ever!

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